Bunting - Alphabet

Bunting - Alphabet

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Whatever the occasion what ever the event you've just got to have a bit of bunting. Here we have some fabulous bunting that can be personalised or left plain for you to decorate with papers or paint.

There are two styles currently, 1 with  a zigzag topper and the other a wavy topper that can during the holiday season represent snow.

Each flag comes with 1 pennant triangle, 1 header and 1 Alphabet letter of your choice.

Approx: 20cm x 15cm

Remember to put the details regarding your choice of letter/s in the box at checkout.

Both pennant and header come with holes so when adhered to each other they line up and can be laced with ribbon or string for hanging.

This item comes plain ready for you to paint or decorate however you wish.

We do want to draw your attention to the fact that there may be some slight scorch marks due to the product being cut by laser but these are easily decorated over or if you wish a light sanding will remove, but take care as with any sanding wear a mask and wipe over with a damp cloth afterwards.

If you are making a personalised version for a short name why not add some of our other embellishments such as butterflies, clouds, footballs etc to a couple of blank pennants to hang at either end of the name.

Don't forget those personalised details...