Digger 2

Digger 2

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Our MDF embellishments are ideal to add to any craft project or if you want something as a real focal point then go for the bigger version. 

We can make even bigger than listed if you have a special requirement, just email for a quote.

Cut from 3mm Medite MDF and supplied blank for you to paint and decorate to your own design.

The size you order will be the items largest dimension, so if you order a 50mm golfer this will be his height whereas if you order a 50mm penknife it will be it's width.

We do want to draw your attention to the fact that there may be some slight scorch marks due to the product being cut by laser but these are easily decorated over or if you wish a light sanding will remove, but take care as with any sanding wear a mask and wipe over with a damp cloth afterwards.